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Mhoom is a fashion store and hair stylist where you can buy eco friendly but high quality clothes and hair products. This project was assigned by the ‘HvA’.

The goal was to redesign their website to draw more customers to the store and make it possible to buy hair products online.

Mhoom home

Our solution

We developed a website that focuses less on the ecological aspect and more on the quality of the clothes. The general style of the website is defined by a well considered palette of stylish colors, serif headlines, and fashionable photography.

Mhoom home
Mhoom news

Mhoom posted a lot of news items on their old website about the clothes materials and the stories behind them. So we chose to continue with this on the new site.

We believed a too obtrusive eco friendly looking brand identity would harm the believes of the customers toward the quality of the products. This is why we let the stories and not the style communicate this aspect.

Mhoom shop
Mhoom products


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