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Get the f*ck out of my house

This second screen app is for the tv-show ‘Get the f*ck out of my house‘ and was assigned by ‘HvA‘.

GTFOOMH is a reality tv-show where 100 people live in a house for only four. The last survivor wins. We made an app for the right target audience to draw more viewers to the hectic show.


Our solution

The application is a game which is played during the show. The user competes with or against their friends and others. They have to bet with points on the person they think will be involved in the described event.

GTFOOMH Question

Each week the player picks six survivors to earn extra points and also chooses an object to send into the house. This way they have more control over the show since the people inside the house don’t have a lot to do.

GTFOOMH Choose six survivors

Every ten points are converted to a GTFOcoin and are used to purchase unseen content.

GTFOOMH Videotheek

Noteworthy items

We made a prototype of the app which you can see here.