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Clear BDD

Clear BDD is an app that was created to prevent a relapse from patients with body dysmorphic disorder. It was commissioned by Academic Medical Centre (AMC) and assigned by ‘HvA’.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a mental disease which makes people obsessed about their appearance.

Clear BDD Planning
Clear BDD Activity
Clear BDD Signals

Our solution

Clear BDD helps to prevent a relapse by reminding people of the fact that their disease is responsible of the negative thoughts during difficult situations.

The user can use their calendar to set up the app. They can add riskful situations and bdd related signals that may arise during certain activities. The app can remind the patient of this depending on location or time.

Clear BDD Activities
Clear BDD Signals
Clear BDD Reminder

The second part of the app is a test to rate the severity of BDD on the basis of ten questions.

Clear BDD YBOCS Intro
Clear BDD YBOCS Question
Clear BDD YBOCS Results

We based the first part of the app on their current relapse prevention plan. Which was just a tabel on a piece of paper where they could fill in these risk factors and signals.

The second part was based on the ybocs test on paper. A long test previously intended to take only at the beginning of their treatment.

Noteworthy items

The project was nominated for the Golden Dot Awards.


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